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October 30th – Halloween II What Is This? We are one more day away from Halloween and that means one day before this wonderful 31 Days Of Horror feature ends. It’s a sad and bittersweet time, many Horror movie was… Read More »

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October 29th – Sleepaway Camp What Is This? “Sleepaway Camp” is a movie that brings you into the titular camp (Camp Arowak) where something evil is amiss. Camp counselors are corrupt and being slowly taken down one by one, and… Read More »

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October 28th – Screamtime & Children Of The Corn 3: Urban Harvest What Is This? So I was browsing Netflix — and let me tell you, this service has been awesome and well worth the price of admission for this… Read More »

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October 26th – V/H/S 1 & 2 What Is This? Double Feature! I decided to double fist V/H/S 1 and 2 today, if only because it was important to exclaim why I love Horror movie anthology films than anything. The… Read More »

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October 26th – Evil Dead 2 (Dead By Dawn) What Is This? This one really needs no introduction — but Evil Dead 2 continues the story of Ash, a young man who goes into a cabin in the woods and… Read More »

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October 25th – The Faculty What Is This? “The Faculty” is a late 90’s science fiction/horror flick written by famous (or infamous) writer Kevin Williamson, who had a strangle hold on teenage/angst filled horror and drama in the 90s (he… Read More »

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October 24th – House What Is This? House is a comedy-horror created by the creator of Friday The 13th, Sean S. Cunningham, about a tortured author who moves into a haunted house to escape his demons but ends up running… Read More »