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October 17th – Night Of The Comet What Is This? After a Comet passes through our orbit wiping out much of the population, two sisters Regina (“Reggie) and Samantha (“Sam”) must find a way to survive against a horde of… Read More »

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October 16th – Paranormal Activity What Is This? Paranormal Activity is the “ghost movie” that changed the game back in 2010, spawning 3 other sequels and a multitude of copy cats. The premise is simple, something or some one is… Read More »

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October 15h – Friday The 13th V: A New Beginning What Is This? Yes, yet another Friday The 13th – this time Jason Vorhees returns from his seemingly final death in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter…or did he? Probably… Read More »

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Danse links up with Flatbush native DJ Enuff for the newest installment of The Hot Box.

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October 14th – The Stepfather 2: Make Room For Daddy What Is This? The sequel to 1987′s “The Stepfather” (which I watched on Day) picks up years after the first movie. The titular character (once again played by the excellent… Read More »

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Off the upcoming Whole Foods EP the two Richmond,Va (RVA) rhymers team up for another dope collab. Another smooth production by Trac-Qaeda.

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Bronx rapper Leek gives a sneak peek into his upcoming project In My Backyard with his new track, ‘Hot Chips’.